Welcome to my Heart Messages

My husband and I visiting an ancient tile making shop in Portugal while visiting our son.

Funny things happens when change is inevitable. Accidentally getting locked out of one’s Google acct can launch changes not anticipated. This new blog is the result of that launch. So welcome my friend.

It’s snowing. The new puppy is by the wood stove. As am I. For years I wrote in a blog that followed my thoughts, feelings, and wonderings about my teaching life. I am locked out of that life, and now that blog. I see it as a gentle nudge to continue to move forward. It has not been easy to do. Inertia. It’s a bugger to overcome.

So here I sit, in a trans-like state watching quiet, peaceful, beautiful snow. My heart slows. As does my mind. It’s one of my happy places.

The world around us is hard to understand, make sense of, keep track of lately. It’s not simple. Never black or white. We make mistakes. I make mistakes. Yet we trudge forward trying to make sense while holding onto those we deeply love and those we deeply respect. Please, walk with me. Join me on this journey.




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