Those Who RESIST

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Today’s writing is not mine. It is from a man who’s writing inspires me, John Pavlovitz. May his words inspire you as they do me. But more importantly, may they cause you act, to do something new and probably uncomfortable. Maybe pick up the phone and call your representatives, or write a letter to the editor, or find a rally near you to join in. Anything.

To get you started, from his writing:

“I think the futures of dreamers and the welfare of sick people and the safety of LGBTQ teenagers and the stability of families of immigrants are worth the raising of my voice, and the forcefulness of my delivery, and the discomfort it causes anyone.
You may want to ask yourself why you’re more willing to protest those who protest, than you are to speak into the injustice itself; why the only thing you feel burdened to openly resist is our resistance. You may be fighting the wrong battle here.” John Pavlovitz

The complete writing in which that quote above comes can be found here . May it inspire you to begin or to keep going.

Peace and persistence,



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