On Our Watch

Photo removed out of respect. I apologize for harm it may have caused.

The thought of showing a photo of a dead father and daughter is not something I thought I would ever show on my blog. But we live in times that are not normal. So to respond as we normally would isn’t working.

This is what the photo is about:

For months I have been writing, calling, and even visiting my representatives here in Maine. Collins, King, and Golden. For months I have been extremely respectful and polite. Then we had a candlelight vigil and when I asked why they are so silent a man said, “Wouldn’t you be if you were responsible for killing kids?” He was absolutely right and he jettisoned me to the next level. Our representatives are responsible for the deaths of children and adults seeking asylum. And if we’re being honest, we are too if we remain silent. When I saw the photo above I called my representatives again. Same ‘ole same ‘ole. A voice recording to leave a message at Collins. I NEVER get a person at her office. But she represents me? I don’t think so. Then I called King. They would give the message. Same ‘ole same ‘ole. Then I called Golden and they said they did not know if he’d released a statement yet. I thought of the photo above. I thought of the children in the hot sun at Homestead. I thought of the reports coming from international human rights groups and immigration lawyers and doctors. And I said, “Well when does he think he will decide to make a statement on the fact that children are dying on his watch?” Well that shift in questioning took the guy by surprise and he stuttered to beat the band. So I continued about what was going on and told him this would be a very good time for Congressman Golden to decide to make a statement. A loud, bold, statement against what is happening. He promised me he would. I do not believe him for a minute. And speaking of him…what about the leaders in the Democratic Party? Where are they? Why are they so silent? And when Pelosi decides to speak up she sounds as wishy washy as the little kids book I use to read to my own kids.

So I beg you again to call your representatives. But this time change the dialogue a bit. Ask them when they plan to speak out against the killing of children and adults occurring along our border during their watch. When do they plan to take responsibility for this because they are responsible. I read a comment that they were not responsible, that our president was responsible. Really? Being silent is complicity. Being silent allows it to continue. Same responsibility in my book.

I wish this post was different. I wish it was a photo of my doggie playing with her toy cow that she just gutted and got the squeaky out of. That would be way more pleasurable to share. But this is our USA. And this is not normal. So please, stop thinking normal actions will work in these abnormal times.

In solidarity with Oscar and Valeria. In solidarity with the children fleeing violence and climate change induced starvation. In solidarity with the children held in detention. In solidarity with the families missing their children. Rise up and be heard.



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