When We Feel Overwhelmed

I wish I could tell you how to channel the yoga, mindfulness, new age stuff that we know works. Yes, of course, go for it if you can. I have found that in “normal” times they have worked wonders for me and even the students I taught. They helped keep anxiety at bay.

But heck, if I’m being honest, they don’t work for me lately. Not even close. So today when a woman got right up in my space with no mask on and had a look in her eyes that said, “Go ahead, challenge me bitch,” well I came home and poured a dark stout. It worked. Granted, I don’t want to rely on this or do it too often. But heck, these are not normal times!

That look in her eyes haunted me all day. I was just picking a plant off a nursery table. And she was all spit and vinegar because… what…I had a mask on and she didn’t. What the heck is going on here?

The license plates in the parking lot were from MA, NJ, NY, PA and ME. So yeah, I was nervous.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you were (hopefully) taught how to behave in someone else’s home? I can still hear my mother’s voice, “Mind your manners and for god’s sake don’t pick your nose.” I guess kids have problems with that. Anyway, I found myself thinking of that today when that woman challenged me. Granted, I hope I’m not arrogant enough to think this is my land. Ha! That would be a joke being that white folks from hundreds of years ago stole this land and for some unfair reason I am able to enjoy it as…..”mine”? I find myself thinking, “How do those who’s land we live on even stand us?” Seriously.

So today was a rough day. I found myself thinking of the many, many people who are struggling world wide with this damn pandemic and struggling with those too entitled to think it will affect them.

Just be nice to each other. Stop thinking this is about you. It’s not.



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