What if…

This week. Holy God, this week. This week is the week we have been waiting for. With baited breath we have been waiting for decades, centuries. In relation to this administration, it’s the week we knew was coming. It appears it may even be the week we needed to come.

As the nation and the world focus on the last three years we must look back to early 2017 when Steve Bannon,then Chief Strategist to trump, told the country that the number one goal of this administration was to “deconstruct the administrative state.” He said that. We weren’t listening. Those who were, felt the weight of those words and all they implied. This week. That’s what they implied. But to get us to this week the constant “deconstructing” of our government and all its checks and balances has been going on since Jan. 2017, the day this administration took office. And honestly some would argue it’s been happening since 9/11. Others would argue it’s been happening since Reagan. I would argue that it’s been happening since the first day white people landed on the shores of this continent.

So with a mixture of awe, fear, sadness, and hope, we plead that the hard work of the thousands of protesters continue until “for all” is true and real. Because we know it’s not. It never has been. Until we can all walk, work, live, and love free of fear and persecution while everyone is housed, fed, and with medical care as needed, we are not free. And we certainly are not “civilized”.

Thank you protesters for pushing this forward with all the power and tenacity that you have over the past week and a half. Each and every one of you; thank you. While many say this week was needed, it is past time for us white folks to do the work. Black and Brown lives have given too much already. For hundreds of years, they have been asked to do and give too much.

In solidarity; Black Lives Matter,



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