May Prayer Offer Relief

“For a little while longer the Light is among you…” (John 12:35, NASB)

A prayer wheel in Vietnam. Offering light, peace, and prayer.

Prayer is a funny thing. Millions use it daily to guide their lives, to bring relief, and/or to communicate with something greater than themselves. I saw the power of prayer as I watched asylum seekers on our southern border say the rosary. While it was absolutely heartbreaking, almost overwhelming, to witness them as they prayed to keep their fear at bay, it allowed me an honored opportunity to peer into the window of their hope. Witnessing this gave prayer new meaning to me. As I watched them began their prayer visibly scared, they ended at peace, unified, and with the strength needed for the overwhelming tasks which lay before them. Saying the rosary is something I myself participated in quite frequently as a child growing up, but it never gave me such strength or relief so I dismissed it. Since that witness I have reflected deeply on my beliefs regarding the power of prayer.

Over a year ago my son left home to see what the world was all about. He recently found his way to Vietnam. When he realized he could not leave Vietnam because they closed their borders due to the coronavirus he panicked. One evening he decided to walk through the small city he was staying in and he noticed the prayer wheels that he had seen during the day, like the one above. It was lit up, a beacon guiding his lost soul. It brought him relief, a much needed sense of calm, much the way prayer did those seeking asylum who I spent time with. The light wheels offered a feeling that he will be ok. When he sent me the photo it helped me as well. Light and prayer. What role do they play in our ability to make it through our days especially when our days are full of fear and the unknown? Apparently a lot.

Last night my husband put up our white Christmas lights on our home. Not all of them but enough to light up our space. We both felt a sense of calm when we went outside to look at them. We both agreed that we hoped those working in our hospitals who drove by and saw them felt a momentary happiness that they were offering to them.

Light and prayer. May they guide us during this time. Hold onto the power of light and reach out to those you love whether to offer relief or to ask for it.

Love and peace,



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